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How to Start an Indoor Garden This Spring

Katy Living Room Filled with a Beautiful Indoor GardenEven if you are a renter, gardening is something you can still do. In fact, you can grow a garden even without a large outdoor yard. There are a host of creative ways to create a garden inside your own Katy rental home. Are you into gardening? Well, here are some tips to get your indoor garden going in no time!

Your primary concern before anything else is where you want to set up your spring indoor garden. While the garden area is something you should consider, you should mainly think about giving your garden good lighting to achieve the best results. A good place is one that gets hit with direct sunlight like a sunny windowsill. But even if you don’t, you can create the light your plants will need by buying an inexpensive grow light for your garden. There are many different types and sizes of grow lights, so ensure that you get the right size for the garden you want to grow.

If you finally have your space, the next step is to decide what type of plants you want to grow. Generally, gardening experts propose starting with succulents. Succulents are very low-maintenance and grow quite well indoors. Your indoor garden shouldn’t be limited to just a few houseplants, however. Growing yourself some fresh herbs for cooking is something you can easily accomplish! Or, you can also go with vegetables like tomatoes or lettuce. Might be more tedious, but possible. With a few pots and some soil, you can grow fresh foods that can help you take your cooking to a whole new level.

Growing flowers indoors can be very worthwhile, too. Taking into consideration climate and temperature changes isn’t really necessary if you’re growing flowers indoors. So, you can even try growing different kinds of flowers like mini roses, or even exotic tropical varieties. If you’re new to gardening, it’s best to start with annuals like pansies, geraniums, or begonias. These flowering plants are easy to care for, and they give you wonderful flowers throughout the year.

Using good quality plant soil along with the proper tools will ensure the success of your indoor garden. You may need different types of soil to grow various plants. Some plants prefer soil with higher acidity, while others fare better in soil with a more neutral pH level. Do your research and get the right soil. And, get the proper hand tools to make tending your plants easier.

And, give your planters and pots good drainage. Also, make sure you’re watering them correctly. You can do this by adding holes to the bottom of your pots and spreading a layer of rocks inside under the soil to avoid compacted soil. All plants need proper drainage, as well as the correct amount of water. Create the ideal scenario for plants to thrive by setting up a watering regimen. So that you don’t end up overwatering them, base your watering schedule on your plant’s water needs.

By following these indoor gardening tips, you can grow a healthy and happy garden right inside your Katy rental home. Are you in the market for a new rental home? Visit our rental listing page or contact us today!

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